Thursday, 8 December 2011

Monday, 28 November 2011

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Testify Version T Mcook
Your Love  Renegades
Soul Ska Ken Lazurus
Penny Reel Monty Morris
Congo War Lord Bryner
Over the river Justin Hinds
Summer Time  Lloyd Clarke
Lucky 7 Skatatlites
Freedom Sounds T Mc cook
Walk On By Zodiacs
Val Bennett City Demonstration
Try to Rember- Pat Kelly
Peyton Place Tony D
Romper Room Reggites
Cloudburst Hippy Boys
winston jarett you don't love
Thats the way you like it Overtakers
Desmond dekker Bongo Gal
Denham town Winston george
Johnny The Gun Man Jackie edwards
Drop The rachet Stranger Cole
Herbsman shuffle King Stitt

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Our Christmas do 

Joe Higgs-Hurt My Soul
Hopeton Lewis - Rocka shocka
Austin Faithful- Miss Anti social
Derrick Harriot- Sock it to me
Harry J allstars - Spyrone
Johnny Osborne- See and Blind
King stitt- Vigirrton 2
Anymously Yours- Stagger Lee
Hippy Boys- Cat Nip
Derrick Harriot- The tickler
Techniques- I feel Love
Count sticky- Train to soulville
Brother Dan allsatrs- Lee's Farewell
Stranger and gladdy- Just Like a kiss
Maytones- Have the time
Throw corn winston shand
Throw me horns- Rainy williams
Rico- Tribute to Don Drummond
Joe Gibbs- people grudgeful
Jah Fender - sweet p
Reggae Girl - Tennors
Lyn Taitt- The joker

Monday, 19 September 2011

Ska shack 15th September
Trojan special with interview from Skabour
Monty Morris- Penny Reel
Lord creator- Man to Man
Bongo man byfield- Bongo Man
Jimmy cliff- Hurricane Hatty
Interview Laurence Cane Honeysett & Caroline part 1
Jam in the street
Barbara Jones- just when I need you most
Scotty- Stop That Train
Joe Allstars – Higher and higher
Musical Resurrection Roland Alphonso
Hippy Boys –Cloud Burst
Laurel Aiken Jesse james
Rupie Edwards allstars- Magnificent 7
Interview Part 2
Alton Ellis- Dance Crasher
Desmond Dekker- Soldiering
Stranger cole- Till my dying day
Duke reid allstars- unknown
Tennors- Weather report
Jackie mittoo- Ba ba boom
Jamaicans- ba ba boom
Royals- Never see come see
Upsetters-Dollars in the teeth
Hippy Boys- Soul of England
Charlie Ace- Super champ
Gegory Issacs- Mr Cup

Monday, 12 September 2011

Ok here's the show after Skabour with Mr Nigel Harris in as a guest. I did have the listings, which turned up 
in my pocket at Klub Skank, but it looks like I lost them.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

don't ask

Lee perry- Upsetter
Claredonians – Darling Forever
Dandy - Trouble in town
Hippy Boys- Cat nip
Pat Kelly – how long will it take
Beverly allstars -  Smoke screen
Joe Mansano – Thief
Dennis Brown – Here I come
Delroy  Wilson- Better must come
Dandy - Double Barrel Man
Ansel Collins – Cotton Dandy
Winston- Quick and Slick
Carton and his shoes
David Issacs- Place In the sun
Bleechers - Come into my Parlour
Prince buster- Don’t throw stones
Prince Buster- Cast Your Faith
Desmond Dekker- Honour Mother and father
Laurel Aitken - Jesse James
Slickers – Hoolabulla
Derrick Morgan
Wreck It up – Ethiopians
Pussy House Catch Fire
Gun The man Down

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Scratch and the dynamites –Deacon Johnson
Skatalites- Beards Man ska
Justin Hinds  Carry Go bring come
Don Drumond ska town
Bongo Nyah
Tomorrows world
Upsetters Night Doctor
Ansell Collins My last Walk
George dekker  Foey Man
Lindo- The ball
Wailers Dancing Shoes
Soul Ska Byron Lee
Blues Busters  Soon you’ll be gone
Pioneers Rudies the greatest
Pum Pum wrecker- Dice the boss
Little more Ska Dandy
Phonix city
Artibella Ken boothe
Prince Buster Ten Commadments
Decimal currency the blenders
Man from Mi5 Upsetters
The Law Andy Capp

Monday, 1 August 2011

Ska Shack Lee, Lee Jenkins Bigshot sounds, Toast Ska Shack

Sorry it's late had a Bigger boss weekender

Cenus Taker    rupie edwards
 jump jumpy girl
Weather report  Tennors
 Rudies all around
 Carry Go Bring come
 Oil in my lamp
 toast to james bond
 Ska town
One step beyound
 Broadway jungle
 King Of Kings
 Lost penny
 Black panther
 Boss a moon
 Night and day
 Swan Lake
Plus loads more

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Ska shack's Latest show july 2011

 Steve Top Medway skin, busting some moves

 Friday 29th Margate West Coast Bar, Ska Shack Take Over Bigger Boss 2 6pm start till late

Sunday, 10 July 2011

French Skinhead a Margate Scorcher Weekend 20011

Soul scorcher
Mama Look them
R un run Girl
Bookie man
Hanging tree
Bang bang
JA Under ground
The riddle
Great great version
Feel like jumping
Red bum ball
Love is a treasure
Time longer than rope
JA Ska
Turn me lose
Christine keeler
Keep on Knocking
Kiss me neck
Mary Mary
Skinhead don’t fear
What I’am I to do
Man from MI5
Red ash
Dollar in the teeth
Them a laugh a kiki

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

 Last weeks show late again, just can't get the staff.
This show contains songs that make you stiff

Monday, 20 June 2011


Brentford Road Allstars- Love at first site
Peter Tosh- Pound get blow
Mad Mad –Alton ellis
Winston  Robbin – Bad Man
Derrick Morgan – Blazing Fire
Justin Hinds- Botheration
Bev allstars – Double shot
Hot rod allstars- Bad man rides again
Romper room
Prince Buster – all my loving
Laurel aitken- Moon rock
Sound dimension- Colour Him Black
Alley pang Skats
Silver dollar Skats
Linval spener-  Can’t go on
I second that emotion
Yamaha skank- shorty president
Armageddon time- willie
Dennis alcapone- out of the light
Joe white- rudies allround
Johnny too bad
Ali baba- Jackie Edwards
Throw me horns- ranny Williams
Lick it back derrick morgan
Jumpy jumpy girl
Prince buster django
Keith and tex what kind of fool