Sunday, 14 August 2011

don't ask

Lee perry- Upsetter
Claredonians – Darling Forever
Dandy - Trouble in town
Hippy Boys- Cat nip
Pat Kelly – how long will it take
Beverly allstars -  Smoke screen
Joe Mansano – Thief
Dennis Brown – Here I come
Delroy  Wilson- Better must come
Dandy - Double Barrel Man
Ansel Collins – Cotton Dandy
Winston- Quick and Slick
Carton and his shoes
David Issacs- Place In the sun
Bleechers - Come into my Parlour
Prince buster- Don’t throw stones
Prince Buster- Cast Your Faith
Desmond Dekker- Honour Mother and father
Laurel Aitken - Jesse James
Slickers – Hoolabulla
Derrick Morgan
Wreck It up – Ethiopians
Pussy House Catch Fire
Gun The man Down

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