Thursday, 13 January 2011

Ska Shack


The waifs and strays of reggae, have been plying their trade for a number of years.

Toast  has been following the sound of ska since 1979, collecting reggae and ska vinyl and cd’s.  Listening to authentic right through to the Ska Punk sound. While working for Moon ska Europe, toast was offered a Dj slot at the London Ska Punk club sublime. Stepping up to the plate he intersperse the ska punk sound with Old studio one cuts and Blue beat tunes. The Kids loved it. Jamie and Itch from the King Blues were regulars and Lilly Allen was known to attend from time to time.

Lee is strictly authentic, loving his early ska with a passion, being influenced by his family he was nurtured on Roots reggae and being young, he was never influenced by the Two Tone sound. Lee looks back to the sixties loving instrumental skinhead reggae, ska and rock steady. His ear for the sound is second to none, finding reggae gems and bringing them to the masses.

It was while frequenting a local Dj night and somewhat worse for wear they found themselves un-impressed with the sounds on offer. A case of we can do better, they set up their first night with friends and family attending it took off and the rest is as they say history.

Here's our first show

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